Finely-tuned, innovative organizations are and will continue to be the winners of new business opportunities. Companies such as Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble, who seemingly turn on a dime when a new opportunity is identified and quickly become the dominant market leader, are well-known throughout the business world. What permits companies like Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble to be so innovative, agile, and gain such a large competitive advantage? How is innovation enabled? Do the business units at other companies have the same agility? What ways can Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) help achieve agility? How can companies become innovative, agile businesses that are ready to pounce on the next business opportunity? Will Business Process Management (BPM) help? What are the best practices that should be followed? How do Business Managers and the CIO work together to quickly pursue new opportunities in a cost-effective manner? Can local, county, state, and federal government entities also gain the benefits of innovation and agility? Where do you begin? The answer lies in aligning IT and Business, and Align Journal brings you the “how-to” and “what-works” information you need to succeed.

Align Journal is the magazine for CIOs, IT Managers, Line-of-Business Managers, and Business Executives working together to align IT and business strategy. Align Journal delivers the “how-to” and “what-works” information IT and Business Managers need to understand and leverage the use of information technology to quickly adapt to changing business needs, innovate new products and services, and consistently gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Align Journal is the next step in the evolution of Business Integration Journal (BIJ). Over the past two years, the focus of BIJ was broadened to bring a business perspective to the use of technology for gaining such benefits as faster time to market, governance, increased agility to pursue new opportunities, improvements in managing business processes, and cost savings through the reuse of application components. Since the editorial focus of BIJ had evolved to no longer be strictly focused on integration topics, it was time to also evolve the magazine’s name to Align Journal.

Each issue of Align Journal includes articles from some of the most respected authorities in the business and IT field who provide insight and best practices to help achieve business process efficiencies, easier business integration, increased innovation, agility for taking advantage of new opportunities or fending-off competition, and other business results. Results from surveys performed throughout the year are also published to help readers gain a perspective of what other companies within various vertical segments are doing on a collective basis. Whether it is how to leverage information technology to improve supply chain processes, uncover or take advantage of new opportunities, integrate partners or applications, better understand the uses of service-oriented architecture, or deliver a new service to a customer segment in record time, Align Journal is the resource for both IT and Business Managers.

Why is aligning IT and business so important? Today’s businesses are constantly searching for new opportunities, the flexibility to quickly change business strategies in pursuit of new opportunities, and competitive advantages to achieve or maintain a leadership position. It is a business environment where timely information is critical, business processes must be streamlined to perfection, and new products or services meet customer needs. In short, today’s business climate requires business agility executed with perfection in all facets of business. The best way to gain agility and innovate new ways of doing business to achieve or maintain a competitive advantage is through the combined efforts of IT and Business Managers to leverage information technology.

Align Journal provides the information necessary to help both IT and Business Managers understand and leverage technology to gain the agility and innovation necessary to achieve or maintain a leadership position. While other high-level publications focus individually on the CIO, the IT department in general, or Line-of-Business managers, Align Journal focuses on helping align the efforts of both IT and Business Managers.

How to Submit News

Align Journal accepts press releases that are relevant to the alignment of IT and business objectives. Some examples of news items within this realm include supply chain management, human resource solutions, business process improvement and management, Service-Oriented Architecture, business intelligence, agility, workflow solutions, and collaborative efforts. If you have a news item that fits in with Align Journal, please send your press release to

How to Submit an Article

Align Journal accepts articles that are relevant to the business and IT issues of transformation and innovation, and written by authors with a high degree of either business knowledge or the use of information technology to accomplish business goals. Please click here to see the editorial calendar.

We suggest reading the Writer’s Guidelines and sending a synopsis of your article to Denny Yost, Editor-in-Chief at

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